HR Assessments

Managing human resources can often feel like navigating a complex maze. At McNeil HR Services, I help unravel this complexity.  I provide a clear and comprehensive review of your existing HR practices, procedures, and infrastructure to identify areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement so that you can make informed, strategic HR decisions for your business that align with industry best practices and legal standards.  I work closely with you to understand your business goals, culture and challenges and develop customized actionable insight and solutions to elevate your HR management practices that fit your specific needs and budget.

Typical areas of review include (but not limited to):

  • HR practices for compliance with the current labor laws and regulations such as employment related record-keeping, wage and hour, EEO & required postings as well as other labor law requirements.
  • HR policies, procedures, and handbooks, ensuring they are up-to-date, effective, and aligned with your business objectives.
  • HR talent resources evaluating your current infrastructure and staffing to meet the needs of your business.
  • HR systems evaluation such as your core HR information system, payroll, recruitment, performance management and applicant tracking to assess the effectiveness, opportunities to leverage existing capabilities or identify more cost-effective solutions.
  • Compensation and benefits evaluate current compensation structure, benefit packages and incentive programs and practices and review against industry standards and market competitiveness.
  • Employee Relations policies and practices such as disciplinary actions, performance improvement plans as well as grievance investigations and resolution procedures.
  • Performance & Talent management processes such as performance appraisals, talent assessments to identify high potentials and development needs and succession planning.
  • Employee communication practices to identify opportunities to leverage or improve for employee engagement and retention.
  • Talent Acquisition practices such as recruiting, applicant tracking, interviewing, background checks and onboarding.

Upon completion of your HR Assessment, McNeil HR Services will provide a written summary of findings with recommendation for further action.